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Create stunning and effective campaigns with Shop Box.

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Welcome to Shop Box.


We are Marketing and Content Creators located in Dunedin, New Zealand.


Founded in 2016 by Nick Brown, Shop Box was created on a simple premise: that every company should have access to advertising that not only drives new business but also creates long-lasting connections with their customers. ​


We believe that every company should have the right tools, skills, and marketing knowledge to breathe life into their brand, which is why Shop Box is here for businesses to connect, consult and create with.


Currently working alongside some of iconic and unique brands, including; Dunedin Kia, Body Synergy, and Ombrellitos, we care about growing and developing quality content for your business.


On our website, you can:


  • Explore our Digital Content Playground

  • Learn about our Shop Box Partnership Program that makes marketing easy by bundling all your needs into one simple monthly package for your campaigns

  • Get in touch to discuss how Shop Box can assist your brand 


We look forward to hearing from you!