What we do matters. 

Shop Box has been a part of the Dunedin community since it was founded in 2016 by Nick Brown when he identified that there was a vast group of local businesses that struggled to keep up with marketing trends and find the right tools and skills to reinforce and breathe life into their brand.

We put together the most diverse range of offerings for businesses to choose from to manage their marketing content. Building on from that, we offer a fully comprehensive marketing partnership. Now small, medium and large businesses can have their marketing managed by a dedicated group of people under one company.

We believe that every business should have Shop Box at their fingertips to meet an ever-changing advertising game. We're here to help you step up and drive new business your way.

Shop Box is here for businesses to connect, consult and create with. Using our expertise, service and commitment to grow your brand is our key objective.

We believe every business deserves the help to create long lasting connections with their customers.

We're ready to meet that commitment. We can't wait to help you succeed.


"Since 2016, Kiwis have been growing our native tree count.
By counting the trees we all plant, we can measure our collective impact on climate change and improve our environment." - Trees That Count

That's why, for every new client to Shop Box we plant a tree on your behalf by working with Trees That Count.


Since 2018 we've been supporting The Dunedin Thunder Ice Hockey team.

The players and management team work extremely hard and put their heart and soul into creating the best team they can be.


Doing some hard work out in the community? Shop Box is a great tool to get your brand and organisation message out there. 

Get in touch if you're looking to launch your next project, we'd love to hear about it.


The Shop Box team have experience working in world renown franchises.

Allowing us to understand expectations and professionalism when handling your brand.

We're not only creating Digital Content, we're creating an experience for every individual that interacts with your brand. 


The Shop Box team consists of our Director and other contractors. As we continue to grow, watch this space for the next Marketing expert to emerge!

Sound like you?

Register your interest to info@shopbox.co.nz


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